Why Choose MyDek

Quite apart from being completely non-combustible, MyDek offers a host of benefits that appeal to specifiers, fabricators, contractors and residents.
Quite simply, you're going to love this.


Super-hard coatings and corrosion-resistant materials give MyDek the leading edge in robust environments.


Contemporary in style, and available in a wide range of finishes, MyDek will enhance your outdoor space

Low Lifetime Cost

In excess of 25 yrs expected product life means that you won't need to worry about replacing this in a hurry.


Reducing loadings on balconies and roof terraces equates to fewer fixings, better thermal performance and reduced cost.


Knowing that the components fit together perfectly isn't just a benefit for the fabricator - your balcony is accurate, safe, reliable, cost-effective and ready on time.

Are you involved in high-rise building construction?

Architect, developer, main contractor, off-site fabricator or building owner… you will want to hear about this.

The safety of residents across the UK has just been enhanced with the government’s recent introduction of a ban on any combustible materials installed externally to residential buildings over 18m high.  That’s good news for everyone involved in the construction of high-rise buildings, but some traditional products will need to be  replaced with modern ones to remain compliant.

Removing the fire hazard

Do you have a reliable, non-combustible, contemporary and cost-effective decking product for your balconies?
If you’re still hunting for the ultimate product, register here and be the first to know about MyDek, the perfect solution offering a rapid installation system, choice of finishes, and durability that outlasts your expectations, not to mention the mandatory compliance with regulations.


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